How to register on the e-Work Permit Portal?

STEP 1: Make sure you have the following documents readily available and scanned in the appropriate format (pdf, jpg, png).

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (where applicable)
  • Copy of the Business Registration Card, (where applicable)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement should be less than 3 months)


STEP 2: Click on the Register Now button on the e-Work Permit Portal:



STEP 3: Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions before filling in the Registrant Sign-Up form.


You need to click on ‘I agree’ and then ‘Click here to go to Applicant Registration Form’

STEP 4: Please indicate whether you are registering as an Individual, Association, Private Company, etc., by selecting the Type of Applicant from the drop-down list and then click “Proceed”:



STEP 5: Depending on the selection at Step 4, the appropriate Registration Form (individual or Organisation) will be displayed. Please fill in the fields in the form. Fields, marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory.

. Information required on each form is available at:

-          Registrant Application Form – Individual (click here to view information to be submitted on the registration form)

  • This includes 5 steps

-          Registrant Application Form – Organisation( click here to view information to be submitted on the registration form)

  • This includes 6 steps

A facility has been provided in the Applicant Registration Form to allow Applicants to fill in the form in different steps.  By filing in the information below, an Applicant can stop at STEP 1 and continue at a later stage by logging in with the email address and password he/she submitted in Step 1.



STEP 6: Upload all the required documents

You will need to upload the required documents in the appropriate format (pdf, jpg, png).

Each scanned image should not exceed 1mb.

Also, scanned pages of same document, e.g. Passport, will have to be submitted as a single merged document.




Note: In case you stop in the middle of your online Registration, you will still be able to continue the registration by logging in the e-Work Permit Portal using the username and Password you entered in Step1..


STEP 7: Agree to the Declaration and click “ SUBMIT”



STEP 8: One of the Directors/designated Authorised Users of the e-Work Permit Portal as provided in the Applicant Registration Form should, within two weeks of the notification issued by the System, call in person at the Employment Division of the Ministry, Ground Floor, Victoria House, Port Louis, within working hours to sign the Applicant Registration Form. The original of the scanned documents should be produced for verification. The person calling at the Ministry should bring along his/her National Identity Card.


STEP 9: Prior to the e-Work Permit System being fully operational, a Username and Password will be issued by email to Authorised Users to enable them access the e-Work Permit Portal for submitting applications and effecting payments online. The password will be sent one week prior of the launch of the second phase, where the following applications will be possible via the e-Work Permit Portal:

  • Work Permit/Certificate of Exemption and Residence Permit
  • Permission in Principle
  • Recruitment Licence
  • Authorisation Card